Casa Bunicilor Sinaia

Rates for the whole house

PRICE / GUESTS No.3 rooms / 4 adults +2 children *2 rooms / 4 guests
PRICE700 Lei *500 Lei


* rate is expressed for the whole house, "key" booked, you will handle your booked rooms, and the rest will remain unoccupied, so you will be the only ones accommodated at the moment (example. for 2 nights-stay, for 2 rooms, maximum 4 people, rate is 1000 Lei);

* Reservations can be made for minimum 2 nights-stay and depending on availability;

* full booking price charged before check-in;

* for the holidays, special rates apply;

* room 3 it is rented only in special situations ( example. families with children ) because it doesn't have its own bathroom;

We are at your service for more details and we happily wait for you!