Nepal Fundraising Campaign

This Friday, Nepal EduCaB team in Romania (Innovation in Local Development & partners) is getting to Nepal for joining the Cold Feet Foundation Nepal team, our partner in designing and implementing Educational Capacity Building in Rural Nepal. The focus is getting to the Dandagaon / Dhading region, 64 km. West of Kathmandu, close to the epicenter of the Saturday earthquake. The data we have so far shows that damage in the region is almost total. There is no consistent aid in the Dhading rural area since all efforts are concentrated now on the Kathmandu Valley. Therefore, we are starting a fundraising campaign for getting water supplies, tents, blankets and transportation for the first aid and emergency volunteer teams to get to the area. Once the teams will get to the area, a proper assessment will be made and, along with IOM Nepal and UNDP Nepal teams that we have already contacted, we shall implement the next steps. For any donations/support please kindly consider the account info.